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This insurance protects any property that frequently moves around the country and is not covered by other policies.

Contractors Equipment Floater: This could cover any kind of equipment from expensive tools to cranes and tractors, used in various contracting work, from road and building construction, to pipelines and renovation. The coverage is for direct physical loss to the equipment. You may also add Rental Reimbursement coverage for substitute equipment if
covered property is damaged or lost.

Builders Risk / Installation: This covers buildings under construction, temporary structures at the site, and building materials that are not yet part of the building. The materials are covered while on the insured location, in transit, or in storage. Business income coverage can be added. A contractor's interest in building supplies or in fixtures that the contractor has been hired to install is covered by the installation part of the policy.

Electronic Data Processing Equipment: This protects against damage to data processing hardware, software, and media including computers,etc. The policy also covers the extra expense to continue data processing operations after a covered loss for damage to the equipment.

Bailee policies insure repair shops, dry cleaners, public warehouses, and other businesses with large amounts of the
customers' goods in the insured's possession. The Bailee Liability Policy covers damage to customer's goods only if the insured is legally liable for the damage. The Bailee’s Customers Policy covers damage to customers' goods without regard to the bailee's liability.

Sign Coverage is used to insure automatic, neon fluorescent,or mechanical electric signs, and lamps. All covered signs must be written with a limit of insurance shown for each item.

Equipment Dealers Coverage protects the stock in trade of dealers in agriculture and construction equipment, and for
customers’ equipment in the care of the insured. The coverage can be on a reporting basis or non reporting basis.

Jewelers Block Coverage is for retail jewelers for damage to the jeweler's stock of jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, watches, etc. The property of others in the insured’s care is also covered.

Commercial Articles Coverage protects commercial musical instruments or photographic equipment for photographers, motion picture producers, professional musicians, etc.- not for dealers of these types of property. Coverage is either on a schedule or blanket basis.

Mail Coverage is provided for stock brokers, banks, trust companies, insurance companies, investment companies, etc. to cover securities and other negotiable instruments while in transit by first class mail, certified mail, express mail, or
registered mail.

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