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Cut Your Workers Comp Bills with Strategic

50% of all businesses are overcharged for their workers comp insurance. That does not have to happen to you. Strategic is a member of The Institute of WorkComp Advisors (IWCA), which is dedicated to helping business owners fight overcharges caused by common mistakes in the Workers' Compensation System. Certified Work Comp Advisors are trained to eliminate overcharges like clerical errors, incorrect reporting, mishandling of on the job injuries, sloppy injury management and more. The Institute of Work Comp Advisors requires each agent to be extensively trained and understand every aspect of workers comp claims, including audit, back-to-work program, employee classification, claims handling and more. This expertise has saved many business owners thousands of dollars and you can count on Strategic to help you do the same. Typical savings result in 20% cost reductions.

How Employers are Overcharged:

  • on the premium audit
  • the experience modification factor is incorrect
  • employee injuries are not handled properly
  • inadequate hiring and employment management practices can create claim problems
  • lack of alliance with the right medical providers

More information about why and how workers comp costs can be exorbitant are in the article here.
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7 Secrets of Workers Comp that Cost You Money

Key Questions to Ask

  • What happens in your company when an injury occurs?
  • What frustrates you most when employees are injured?
  • Have you ever had an outside, independent nurse review claims that bug you?
  • Have you ever suffered a "problem" Workers’ Comp claim?
  • Have you ever said after an employee is injured, "I shouldn’t have hired that so-and-so, anyway?"
  • What do you do with monthly reports you receive about your injured employees?
  • Has an employee ever been off more than 30 days from an on-the-job injury?

Did you know that on average indirect Workers’ Comp costs exceed direct costs by a ratio of 4 to 1? Every claim that is paid out on costs you money and raises your rates. If no wages are paid to the employee by the insurance company, your cost for the claim is reduced by 70%.

Click here for a Workers Comp overview and for ways to save on your workers comp insurance.

Your Strategic Insurance Solutions representative can help you determine which workers compensation insurance plans are correct for your business and analyze previous claims to see if you are entitled to a refund.

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