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Companies that sell, service, store or repair cars and trucks require unique insurance. Garage insurance is the term for this kind of policy and a garage can be:

  • car& truck dealers- new and used
  • parking garages
  • fleets like limousine companies
  • repair and auto body shops
  • valet parking
  • airport shuttle companies
  • service stations
  • tow services
  • school bus companies

Insurance for garages is unusual since it means protecting not only the property and contents but also providing automobile liability exposure.

Garage Liability
This provides bodily injury and property damage liability. The policy for garage operations other than covered cars pays all sums the garage must pay for damages caused by an accident and resulting from garage operations involving the ownership, maintenance or use of covered autos. The garage policy provides liability coverage for items sold or made in a garage business.

Garage Keepers Liability
This section covers the garage’s liability for loss to a covered autos or auto equipment left in the insured's care while the garage is repairing, driving, parking or working on the automobile. Garage keepers coverage is important because liability for such damages is excluded under the garage liability section of the policy. Loss causes are collision, comprehensive, theft, explosion, fire, mischief or vandalism.

Garage Physical Damage Coverages
This provides the same loss coverages available under business auto coverage. There a number of exclusions not found in the business auto form and these should be reviewed. Non-dealers can add transportation expenses, towing and labor coverage. Physical damage coverage is offered for new or used autos for sale at an auto dealership.

To be sure your garage business is adequately protected, be sure to ask your Strategic Insurance Solutions representative
for guidance and analysis.

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